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Web development is an area in constant flux since internet marketing, which began in the early 90s. If websites were composed of simple blocks of text at the time, it has now become a standard of taking care of their presentation, which is often elaborate and highlights a lot of multimedia content. The Web, which was originally an information platform, has become a real entertainment medium.

Internet users demand interactive, intuitive websites with an elaborate design. To meet this demand, developers have many tools to integrate dynamic content and to create tailor-made sites adapted to their users. The conditions required to achieve this are based on professional hosting, having the necessary resources, and meeting current web standards.

The Technical Basics Of A Website

The prerequisite for any presence on the Web is to have storage space on a server. For this, the services of a specialized website host are necessary. In general, the offer includes complete accommodation packages. These packs often include services such as reserving a domain name of its own, RAM allocated by a server, databases, and all the tools necessary for web development. Generally, the users of these hosting packages ignore which physical machines bundle these services. This is not the case for alternative hosting models (dedicated web servers for example), whose hardware components are rented by a data center.


Each Web project has a domain name, that is, a unique Internet address assigned to it. This domain name is one of the basic components of a web hosting package. Internet addresses follow strict principles of the hierarchical structure of the domain name system and are composed as follows:

  • a Top Level Domain (ie generic top-level domains, which end in .fr for example), therefore the “final part”
  • a freely chosen domain name (Second Level Domain), that is to say, what comes before the. “, Like the word” example “if you choose the address: www.example.com
  • an optional sub-domain (which can come before the SLD, as here “blog” in the address: blog.example.fr)

The domain name is registered via a web host, which forwards the request to the authorities concerned. When choosing the domain name, it is recommended to opt for a short and concise formulation and to choose a current top-level domain.

Web Space

Each website is made up of data made available on a web server for uploading to the Internet. This is why web hosting packages always include a certain storage space for HTML documents, style sheets, images, videos, or even databases. The transfer of this data is generally carried out by FTP (File Transfer Protocol ). A web hosting package should be chosen based on its ability to expand its webspace.


Web developers often use relational databases when the site pages are not static and must be generated differently each time a new page loads. With this type of data management, the information is structured by tables and is linked to other data sets by identification numbers (IDs). The communication and transmission of this data are generally done in SQL (Structured Query Language), a database language. Among relational databases, it is the open-source software MySQL which is the most widespread for the development of dynamic websites.

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