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Web development refers to the process of creating websites, applications, and other online tools. It is based on a number of computer languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, Python, Symfony.

The Use of CMS

With a CMS or Content Management System, site creation has become easier. These tools allow you to create and manage sites through a system of templates/themes and plugins. The best known CMS is WordPress but there is a multitude of them depending on the needs (showcase site, e-commerce site, editorial site, etc.). Other CMS include Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Shopify, Magento, or even Wix.

Even if website creation is today “within everyone’s reach”, it is necessary to appeal to web developers and web designers for a professional result. Web design and web mastering are the skills requiring learning and a lot of practice. Calling on professionals or web agencies/providers is therefore the preferred solution.

These professionals ensure the design but also technical aspects such as hosting, loading time speed, markup, compatibility with different browsers and screen formats, and much more. Of course, upstream, we must consider a functional specification to supervise the site development work.

Beyond the creation and updating of the site, it is essential to set up an online communication strategy for it to achieve its objectives!

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The editorial strategy is a content-based marketing technique,  its objective is to gain the prospect’s attention thanks to quality content, bringing real added value.

Indeed, the content of a website is what will determine both the understanding of the visitor and in large part its natural referencing (that is to say the way in which the search engines regard it).

In Website Creation, The Editorial Strategy Determines:

  • the type of content disseminated (form and content)
  • how to distribute the content

How Often A Content Is A Broadcast

To help you design a good website, ADAGE offers a personalized approach according to the following steps.

Analysis Of The Need

Any web project begins with an analysis of your needs. For this, a number of companies organize with you a workshop of initiation to web marketing, during which we define together your needs, targets, and objectives. This workshop is also an opportunity to define the personas, or “typical visitors”, who will visit your site. Understanding and meeting their expectations is the objective of this workshop.

Content Strategy

Following the first workshop, it establishes a content strategy, consistent with your internal organization. Presented in a reference document, the content strategy can have several objectives:

  • increase traffic,
  • improve its natural referencing,
  • reach new customers,
  • build audience loyalty,
  • improve its brand image,

Become a benchmark in its sector…

Tree And Detailed Plan

Once the main lines of your content strategy defined, you must prioritize and prioritize your content. Together, we define the “most important” content or content that meets the expectations of certain priority targets.

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